The Architectural Association of Kenya is pleased to announce the AAK Annual Convention 2019, AAK’s premier annual Continuous Professional Development Event. This year’s theme is ‘BUILDING BLOCKS IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT.’ It will entail discussions on utilizing modules as well as the industrial production line in the construction sector in Kenya. As the Government of Kenya’s objective is to transform Kenya into a newly industrialised country by 2030, this theme gives us an opportunity to reflect on the issues surrounding the attainment of this goal.

We will focus our discussion on the following sub-themes:

Product Innovation for Buildings: What are the innovative approaches to industrial design and assembly of buildings?

  • Building product innovations.
  • Simplifying the building blocks of architecture for mass production.
  • Modular designs; Component design for efficiency and efficacy.

The Design of Industrial Parks: How does the Built Environment plug into the design and delivery of Industrial Park design?

  • Case Study: TATU City.
  • Integrated and smart solutions for industrial parks.
  • Planning EPZ and Industrial Processing zones.

Building the Machinery for Agenda 4 delivery: What policy and processes need to be streamlined to ensure that the environment for manufacturing is done locally and builds local capacity? This directly affects delivery of affordable housing as well.

  • Policies hindering growth of industrialisation in the country and strategies to overcome these.
  • Cost implications of manufacturing.

Building manufacturing for climate sustainability: Evaluate manufacturing processes in the built environment and their impact on climate. What are the strategies for mitigation? In tandem, what is the effect of the built environment on manufacturing?

  • Impact of Industrialisation on climate in the region.
  • Role of professionals in specification of low impact materials, and reuse of construction materials in building and recycling of waste materials.

The role of Education in Manufacturing and Industrialisation. What is the role of our universities in industrial research and manufacturing in the Built Environment?

  • Innovations by local universities.
  • Global trends in education in manufacturing.
  • Local availability of innovative courses in industrialization.
  • Continued learning and in-factory and warehouse learning.

AAK therefore invites interested persons to submit the following for consideration by the Editorial Committee:

  • Articles for Publication: To be received by March 15th, 2019.
  • Conference papers: Submission to include an Abstract (1 A4 size sheet) to be received by April 1st, 2019. Presenters whose abstracts are accepted will be expected to submit full papers by July 1st 2019.