Sustainable Modular Residence


Modular design or also known as modularity in design has over time grown to popularity especially amongst those seeking to offer affordable housing. The architectural style that cropped up during the mid 20th century has proved to be an efficient and effective means to provide shelter, decent shelter. The mode of construction can be described as a concept where modules are manufactured in a facility and later fitted or assembled to form a structure.

This competition will seek to offer sustainable building options to cater for the fast growing need for decent housing in Kenya and other countries facing the same situation.

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My Dream City


Lego — we all know it. Most of us grew up with it. But have you ever thought of the educational benefits of Lego? It is agreeable that these building blocks offer a platform for users to be creative, to think, to design; to dare to dream. They develop good problem solving skills, focus, attention to detail, teamwork strategies, communication skills and planning skills. Ideas of symmetry, balance, shapes and sizes are explored during play with this blocks. Children experience working with fractions when they observe how many small pieces can fit into a large piece and can begin to experiment with division. This can be a great tool for children to use to share their ideas of the cities they want to see and live in.

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AAK invites interested persons to submit the following for consideration by the Editorial Committee:

  • Articles for Publication: To be received by March 15th, 2019.
  • Conference papers: Submission to include an Abstract (1 A4 size sheet) to be received by April 1st, 2019. Presenters whose abstracts are accepted will be expected to submit full papers by July 1st 2019

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